The PMW Wax / DeWax is designed for the preparation of composite materials for tensile strength measurement tests.

PMW WAX / DEWAX consists of the following elements:

  • 8 pcs. 300 x 300mm aluminium plates anchor.
  • 1 pc. handle to safely lift the aluminium sheets.
  • Waxing table, with built-in melting bath for application of the aluminium sheets before the delamination test.
  • De-waxing table, with built-in fan heater for melting wax off of the aluminium sheets after the completion of a delamination test.
  • Waste tray for the collection of melted off wax.
  • Electrical temperature control.
  • Adjustable timer that allows for the unit to shut down automatically at a preset time.

Quality and safety: 

  • Sturdy construction. Frame made of welded stainless steel (ASIS 304).
  • Wax bath constructed with a curved design, enhancing safety.
  • Specially constructed lid for safe opening of the melting bath.
  • Complete exhaust system, with filter, covering both tables.


PMW Wax/DeWax Datasheet