The PMW ThiGa is a thickness gauge for the quality assurance testing of insulation materials in accordance with the European industry standard, EN 823:2013 Thermal insulating products for building applications – “Determination of thickness”.

The insulation material is placed under the magnetic gauge. Upon activation of a pneumatic foot pedal, the gauge puts a preselected level of pressure on the test material, whereby the gauge measures the resulting thickness of the material. Test results are shown on an electronic display. Once testing is complete, the foot pedal is activated again to release the test material.


  • Strong construction. Frame of welded stainless steel.
  • Foot pedal for safe and easy operation of the equipment.
  • Digital measuring instrument with display readout and possibility of data collection via RS 232 and RS 485 outputs.
  • Counterweights designed for pressures at 50 Pa. and 250 Pa.


  • Counterweight for 500 Pa. pressure.
  • Table top in laminate or granite on a welded stainless steel frame.


PMW ThiGa Datasheet