PMW DefGa is a deflection gauge for measuring the deflection of insulation materials.

The ends of the test specimen is fixed to a pair of bearing plates, placed parallel to each other at either end of the steel frame. With the test specimen held up by its ends to bearing plates able to freely rotate on their axis, a concentrated point load is created in the middle of the material, pulling it downward, unless the unloading mechanism is placed in top position.

The unloading mechanism consists of two aluminium plates. With a handle the mechanism can be put in two positions (top and bottom).

In top position, the mechanism is in line with the bearing plates, to support the weight of the test specimen’s middle section and ensure it a level start position.

In bottom position the unloading of the test specimen’s middle disappears, and deflection of the material will occur as a result.

The deflection is measured as the material bends downwards and pushes a calibrated weighing arm attached to a magnetic sensor.

Choose between results shown in mm or degrees.

Ruler for adjustments included.


Strong and functional construction:

  • Constructed on an free standing steel frame, mounted on wheels for high mobility.
  • 2 movable bearing plates consisting of aluminium, coated with pickled stainless steel.
  • Unloading mechanism consisting of 2 aluminium plates with corrosion-resistant coating.
  • Ball grip handle for easy operation of the equipment.

Ensures ideal test conditions:

  • Bearing plates suspended via rotating shafts, fitted with the finest ball bearings for minimal friction.
  • Centre distance of 700mm and 800mm. Bearing plates can be moved forward or backward independently of each other.
  • Highly sensitive measuring instruments consisting of a calibrated weighing arm and an arm with a magnetic sensor, fixed in parallel to a central axis.
  • Polished plate mounted on the end of the weighing arm for frictionless contact with the test material during testing.
  • Central axis with “knife suspension” in both ends to minimize friction.

Programmable measuring instrument:

  • Electronic display.
  • Choose between readout of results in mm or degrees.
  • Alternate readout methods or units can be programmed easily.
  • RS 232 and RS 485 outputs for external data collection.
  Height 1100 mm  
  Width 785 mm  
  Length 900 mm  
  Power Connection 230V and 115V (specify when ordering)  
  Weight approx. 56 kg.  


PMW DefGa Datasheet