The PMW AnGA is an angle gauge used for quality assurance testing (QA) in the manufacture of insulation materials. 

The PMW AnGa measures the squareness of insulation materials in accordance with the European industry standard, EN 824 Thermal Insulating products for Building Application – “Determination of squareness”.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Table mountable.
  • Digital measuring instrument with electronic display readout.
  • Adjustable perpendicular angle ledge. Factory calibrated at 90° degrees.
  • Measuring and readout instrument is user friendly and programmable. Toggle between having perpendicularity deviations shown in mm/500mm or degrees.
  • Digital measuring system with RS 232 and RS 485 for data storage.
  • Angle standard settings: +/– 2.5° degrees.
 Technical specifications
  Height 720 mm  
  Width 300 mm  
  Length 1160 mm  
  Power Connection 230V  / 115V – Specify upon request  
  Weight approx. 28 kg.  

PMW Test equipment brochure