The PMW WAB is a water absorption bath for quality assurance test (QA) in the manufacture of insulation materials. The PMW WAB is used for measuring the water absorbing capacity of insulation materials, in accordance with the European industry standard, EN 12087:2013 Thermal insulating products for building applications – “Determination of long term water absorption by immersion”.

The PMW WAB works by selecting a predetermined water level for the absorption bath, whereafter the test specimen are immersed in the water. As the water is gradually absorbed by the test specimen, the water regulation system will automatically add water to the bath, to ensure the desired water level is maintained and kept stable for the whole duration of the test.

The colour and dimensions of the steel frame can be customized.


PMW WAB includes the following elements:

  • 2 water absorption baths in polypropylene (PP).
  • 2 spring loaded PVC pipes for fixing test specimens in place.
  • Water regulation system for automated water level control and drainage control.
  • Wall mounted control unit.
  • Spirit levels on the sides of the baths in perpendicular position.
  • Free standing, welded, stainless steel frame, with pull-out shelf.


Fully automatic water regulation:

  • Preselect desired water level and the water regulation system will automatically maintain it through the entire testing process.
  • Baffle walls placed around the electronic level gauge, preventing sudden movements in the water from impacting its readings.

Ensures ideal test conditions:

  • With spirit levels and screw feet to adjust the height of the steel frame, making sure the baths are level is easy.
  • Spring loaded pipes for preventing the test specimens from floating and keeping them immersed under water.
  • Grooves placed in the bottoms of the baths for ensuring maximum water exposure to the test specimens.

Functional design:

  • Construction with minimal space requirements due to the baths being placed on top of each other.
  • Lower bath placed in a pull-out shelf, for easy and convenient operation.
  • Inclined bottom for complete water discharge, when required.


Height 1120 mm  
Width 700 mm  
Length 900 mm  
Power connection 230V / 115V (specify when ordering)  
Water intake 6 lit./min.  
Weight approx. 65 kg.