Are your facilities high ceilinged, but narrow? Then PMW CapLine is the perfect solution for you. The system is ideal for short and medium distances and originally developed for companies processing aseptic products.

PMW CapLine – Cap conveyor

  • Belt Width: 140 mm / 240 mm
  • Length: Made to order
  • CapLine is made from stainless and FDA approved materials, with food safety and cleaning in mind.
    • Stainless steel construction and frame.
    • Cover in PC thermoplast.
    • Belt made with FDA approved polyurethane.
    • Hinged lids for easy cleaning.
  • PMW CapLine belts have omni directional movement.
  • Side outlets are available

 The PMW CapLine conveyor belt transports the caps to the sorting unit

Often, the PMW CapLine conveyor belt runs below the ceiling along with pipelines etc. The belt conveys the caps to the sorting unit placed on side or top of the filling machinery, typically 5 metres above the floor. In other words, the CapLine conveyor belt requires a high-ceilinged room.

The PMW CapLine can be delivered with cariers for inclined conveying up to 15 degrees.

The PMW CapLine unit is totally enclosed for clean transportation. For distribution to more than one unit a pneumatical side outlet is available.

Advantages of the CapLine System 

Cost-effective for short distances – can be placed close to filling machinery
Competetitive solution for short and medium transport distances
Easy change and almost costless format parts change.

Static transport to prevent dust

Chooese PMW CapLine to minimize dust in your production as much as possible. Unlike other cap handling systems the PMW CapLine system provides static transport of the caps. This means that caps are moved more gently and do not tent to loose their “slip agent” surface to their surroundings witch often creates dust. 

CapLine system brochure