The PMW CapAirTrack system is ideal for small to medium production facilities, neither having high ceilings nor a wide area – in other words where spaces is a challange.

PMW CapAirTrack is the newest member of the family of cap-handling solutions, developed on the basis on our existing PMW CapAir and PMW CapLine systems, but with a completely revolutionary solution system (patent pending).


The layout of the units makes it possible to place CapLift and the sorting unit outside the production environment and on the floor instead of on top of the filling machinery as in the CapAir systems. CapAirTrack is therefore the ideal solution for companies with low ceilings or companies requiring the units to be placed at eye level.


CapAirTrack is designed with replaceable, flexible standard modules, each individual module being easy to maintain, service and replace. The simple, modular design ensures less downtime for service and repairs.


  • CapLift is made from stainless materials with a fibreglass container treated with FDA approved gelcote surfacing
  • CapLift comes with a worm gear and a 0.37 kW AC motor
  • CapLift is covered at both sides and top with transparent PC


  • HEBA filtered air supply
  • Powerfull high quality 4,0 Kw Side channel blower
  • 2,5” Dairy grade tubes
  • 2,5” ISO fittings for easy access
  • PEHD 1000 CapTracks
  • Easy access divider system
  • Cooling air for hot pases


  • Available in 600 or 800 mm sizes
  • Capacity varies from captype to captype, up to 13.000 caps per hour
  • Cubic volume: 3 – 4 l
  • Units powered by 0.25 kW AC gear motor, for security reasons mounted with built-in limited slip clutch
  • Circulation direction R/L


Highly suited for small production areas with low ceilings
Option of placing CapLift and cap-sorting unit outside production environment
Units are placed at a more accessible service height
Easy to clean and service


The system itself generates the airstream used for cap transport. Mounted at the
feading end, a blower draws in surrounding air through a HEPA filter which ensures clean air.


1. Caps filled into CapLift manually

Add caps to the feed system of the CapLift.

By means of welded carriers the CapLift delivers the caps into the cap-sorting unit.

The lift capacity is approx. 25000 UE – XE type caps/pr. hour. CapLift is equipped with a sensor that registers low cap level and connects to an orange flash-lamp to signal the low level.

The CapLift unit is totally enclosed for clean transportation.
For distribution to more than one unit a pneumatical side outlet is available.

2. Cap-sorting unit

In a CapAirTrack system, the cap-sorting unit is placed on the floor, either next to the filling machinery or outside the production en-vironment. From there, the CapAirTrack supplies caps through the transport pipe – vertical and horizontal.

For your convenience the CapSort unit is equipped with a rotation monitoring function that stops the sorting process if a faulty cap or a foreign object should be trapped in the system. Programma-tically the unit will then reverse for a number of times, solve the problem and then continue the sorting without further notice.

3. Caps are sorted before being transported through CapAirTrack

From the sorting unit, the caps are transported as sorted supplies to the CapAirTrack dividing system. Then they are blown forward at the correct angel and direction to the filling machinery, where they are distributed into the cap chutes and down towards the cap applicators.

Collect datasheet here

Mix & Match – Costumized for you
A CapAirTrack system allows the individual modules to be combined to suit your particular needs. The length of the CapAirTrack transport pipe may, for instance, vary, so meaning that the sorting unit can be placed both inside and outside the production environment, CapSort is available in various sizes, and a dual system allows caps to be supplied to two filling stations.