Deflection of insulation materials

DefGa is a measuring devise for measuring the deflection of insulation.

DefGa is constructed on an independently tubular steel stand, mounted on wheels for high mobility. In the tubular stand the following functions are mounted:

  • Movable bearing plates at each end of the tubular frame with center distance of 700 and 800mm
  • Unloading device for zero position of the equipment
  • Calibrated weighing arm connected to the arm for data entry of the measuring result.
  • Fittings for (SIKO) measuring instrument

The two identical bearing plates are made of aluminum and coated with pickled stainless steel and is suspended on each side via shafts and fitted with the finest bearings for minimal friction for rotation about its axis. By desire of an alternative center distance, the bearing caps and the units are loosen and moved independently forward or backward in the appropriate bracket.

The unloading device consists of 2 pcs. aluminum plates mounted horizontally on each of the two shafts with corrosion-resistant coating is vertically mounted and can be positioned in two ways (bottom and top). The arrangement is weighted with the counterweight. Both plates move parallel when maneuvering.

The weighing arm is fitted with a polished plate for frictionless contact to the sample during test. The arm is mounted on a centered shaft which is ‚ÄĚknife suspended” in both ends to minimize friction . In the far end of the shaft, an arm is mounted with magnetic sensing of the test result. On the fixed bracket behind the screening, the (SIKO) magnetic sensor for reading the result to the SIKO measure unit is placed. The weighing arm is calibrated with 2-5 degrees at top position on the weighing plate.

On the stand, a holder for the SIKO measuring instrument is mounted.