The PMW RotoFill Mini is the smallest in the PMW line of filling equipment, it has the option of 1 or 2 filling valves and can be installed as a single unit or as here as part of an automated filling line.

What are the advantages of RotoFill Mini? 

  • Small doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Full PLC able to handle multiple recipes for different containers, and different viscosities.
  • Bottom filling to avoid foaming during filling and valves with special sealing mechanism to avoid dripping.
  • Precise filling, a control from this project showed a -/-0,5 g difference on 100 ml bottles.
  • Well suited for dosing ranges from 50 ml to 5000 ml.

What’s included in the automated filling line?

The bottles are led from a feeding table, where the guide rails, help guide the bottles to the conveyor, to ensure that the bottles do not overturn as they pass through a transition section before heading to the filler.

The filling machine, a PMW RotoFill Mini, is a 2-valve filler with a gate system that opens/closes for the supply of bottles, connected to the filling machine is a buffer tank with level, an HMI PLC for recipe handling and handling of different bottle-types and viscosities. The filler is followed by a Queue control” with an adjustable rail for change of bottle sizes, the bottles then continue onto a conveyor, and as this line does not include an automatic capping machine, we solved it by adding a Stop arm, that stops the bottles at a certain point enabling the operator to screw on the caps.

Following the stop, a labeling machine, labels the bottles before they are led to an accumulation table via a transition plate that prevents the bottles from overturning.

The bottles are then manually removed and packed, ready to go.


Which types of PMW solutions are included in this automated filing line? 

Accumulation table
PMW InFeed -Unscrambling table Conveyors – PMW PacLine PMW RotoFill Mini Accumulation table – PMW AccuBoard